Our Story

Pam’s journey of discovery, learning, and understanding spans several years. Here she briefly relates her story:

Our son was just three months old when we realised that he was reacting to the food chemicals in my breast milk. He didn’t show any strong physical symptoms but he was a very unsettled baby and I instinctively knew something wasn’t right.

A friend recommended the Friendly Food book from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.  I began an elimination diet and within two days he went from waking every two hours at night to sleeping thirteen hours straight.  What a relief for all of us!

It’s not that my diet was full of unhealthy food. He is one of the growing number of children who react to natural chemicals in fresh foods (e.g., salicylates and amines), as well as many artificial food chemicals (see Dengate, Sue).  The difference between my son’s sleeping through the night or waking up repeatedly could be decided by as little as my choice to eat either rice or corn cakes the day before.  He was that sensitive!

Over the next few years, with the help of naturopaths and nutritionists we were able to work out exactly what foods he was intolerant to and how they affected him. Incredibly, he knew before we even tested him.  He was very slow to try solids. When he did, he instinctively avoided the foods that we later found out he was intolerant to.

More recently we have successfully implemented a biomedical treatment program (see MINDD Foundation) that has made a significant difference to my son’s health and behaviour.  Years of modifying his diet and avoiding certain foods reduced his reactions, but I believe we now have a better understanding of the causes and are working towards a long-term solution.