About the Author

food intolerances childrens book

Pam Houssenloge is the author and publisher of Oscar’s Lunchbox.  She lives on a rural property in Michelago, Australia with her husband and two wonderful sons.  She is an active, vibrant and committed community member, involved with the local school at many levels.

A dedicated and highly involved mother, Pam has immersed herself in the subject of food intolerances to find the best way to support her younger son.  Since 2003, beginning when her son was an infant, she has been monitoring his food intake and behavioural patterns as well as finding creative and interesting food options for him.

Pam’s background in anthropology has served well to help her contemplate the bigger picture.  She wanted to understand what were the possible causes of her son’s intolerances, and also discover what is behind the apparent increase in cases of health and behavioural problems experienced by young children today.

By sharing this book and her story, Pam hopes to pass on to children and their families the lessons she has learned about issues relating to food intolerances.

With more books in the pipeline, Pam is committed to helping children to reconnect to all of their senses — to feel, to connect, and to look after themselves, others and their environment.  Pam believes that this deep understanding and appreciation of life is crucial to enhancing a child’s sense of happiness and well-being, and will better enable each child to reach their full potential.