Oscar’s Lunchbox

Children's Food Allergies and Intolerance bookFirst and foremost, Oscar’s Lunchbox is for the growing number of children with food intolerances and food allergies around the world. Pam’s motivation to write this book came one night as she held her son, who was sobbing in her arms.  The words “I wish I didn’t have food intolerances!” are his, and are directly quoted in the book.  Growing up with limited food choices can make meal times and social outings very difficult.  Oscar’s Lunchbox is intended to help provide the understanding and emotional support that children like Pam’s son need.

An important underlying message in the book is to learn to take notice of the signals our body sends us about the food we eat. This may be one of the most effective ways for us to find out the best combination of healthy foods for our bodies.

Pam’s son’s ability to feel and respond to the message from his body is one that we are all capable of.  Learning to stop, to feel, and to make that connection, can help us develop our own understanding of how the food we eat affects our bodies.  This powerful tool is fundamental to developing life-long healthy eating habits.

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