Teaching Resources

Unit Title: Oscar’s Lunchbox
Strand: PDHPE – Personal Health Choices
Skills: Decision making, inclusiveness and recognition of difference, healthy eating choices
Subject Matter: Diet, nutrition and well-being

Outcomes Indicators
PHES1.12 Displays positive health practices
PHS1.12 Recognises that positive health choices can promote well-being

Lesson 1 - What messages does your body feel?

Discuss body parts and the physiological responses e.g.
• skin / goose bumps / rashes / eczema
• stomach / belly ache / diarrhea / leaky gut
• lungs / cough / runny nose / asthma

Lesson Ideas

  • Everybody has it’s own special formula. Have children draw the foods that are good for them, or ones that don’t feel good, in Oscar’s thought bubbles – see worksheets below.
  • Highlight students, family or friends who have their own special formula and which foods cause which problems.

Worksheet 1 – What makes my body feel good

Worksheet 2 – What makes my body feel bad


Lesson 2 – What are food intolerances and allergies?

What is the difference between intolerances and allergies?

  • An allergic reaction is a reaction to proteins in food, it is quick to display and easy to identify
  • An intolerance is slow to display, caused by a reaction to food chemicals, it’s affect is cumulative over time, and difficult to identify

Discuss key foods and their links to each condition e.g

  • wheat/coeliacs disease/food intolerance
  • poor digestion/leaky gut/hyperactivity/food intolerance
  • dairy/egg/nuts/anaphylaxis/food allergy

Lesson Ideas

  • Cooking using recipes that are dairy or wheat free, and free of additives & low in food chemicals?
  • Plan a birthday party menu that is inclusive for everyone.

Worksheet 3 – Oscar’s Recipes


Lesson 3 – What are processed/unprocessed foods?

What are food additives and preservatives? What happens to food during this process?  Why food is good for our bodies?  What do I like? Why do I like it? How does different types of food make my body feel?

Lesson Ideas

  • Reading label numbers using Failsafe Nasty Additive reference sheet
  • Cooking to make simple foods that are low in food chemicals
  • Understanding food groups – GO, GROW & GLOW foods

Worksheet 3 – Oscar’s recipes
Worksheet 4 – Nasty Additives
Worksheet 5 – Go Foods, Grow Foods, Glow foods



    Keep watch for more teaching resources designed to maximise the outcomes for children learning from Oscar’s Lunchbox.