“I have shared Oscar’s Lunchbox with many of my students, and it has led to some great discussions.  Not only did they understand the concepts, but they really enjoyed reading the book.”

Marianne Judd (Child Pyschologist, Early Childhood Educator & Extra Lesson Practitioner)

“Pam Houssenloge is a beautiful soul. I wish her inspiring book had already been written when my children were diagnosed with coeliac.  This story is a simple, joyful, creative and empowering way to introduce children to the healing power of food and life long healthy eating habits. We are looking forward to promoting it in the resource centre of our health and wellness practice.”

Frédérique Morris (Certified Integrative Coach and mother of 4 children)
The Morris Practise


Oscar’s Lunch Box is a fantastic book and an excellent resource for kids who have food intolerances.  I bought this book for my 2 1/2 year old son to help him understand why he couldn’t always eat the same food as other people.  He was immediately engaged by the book; empathising with Oscar’s feelings, talking about foods that made him feel good and bad, and of course the racing car and its special formula.  After the first reading, he said “this is my favourite book!”.

Sandra Gleeson (Mother of Oscar 2 1/2, & Recipes for Oscar blogger)


“What a delight to finally have a book that explains kids in simple terms the importance of learning to get in tune with how certain foods make their body’s “engine” run. As a matter of fact, this book could serve all those adults suffering from allergies, indigestion and common aches and pains as well! “Oscar’s lunchbox” is beautifully illustrated; the story is truly engaging and educational without being too preachy. Make sure you read this to your child suffering from food sensitivities and may I suggest giving a copy to grandparents as well!!”

Ildiko Brunner (Nutritional expert & mother) www.rawmom.com

“I love how the book connects with the children and helps them understand what’s behind food intolerances. I can’t wait to share this book with the children that have intolerances and remind them that they are not alone.”

Karen McCarthy (Elementary School Nurse, USA)