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Joey’s World  

Joey’s World is a story of the primitive reflexes, told through the early movement development of my son.  This video informs parents of the importance of physical and sensory development in a child’s earliest years. It features annotations of each reflex, examples of maturing body control, and insightful interludes for parents to reflect on how they can support their growing child.

Infants given a variety of sensory experiences and ample floor time on their front and back are most likely to progress through movement sequences needed to inhibit the primitive reflexes. This will enable them to establish deliberate and controlled movements, agile bodies, and more effective neural pathways in their brains. They will be faster thinkers and more able learners in the classroom. (8:09)

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The Impact of Screen Time

This video provides a detailed look at the neurological and physiological impact of excessive screen time. (4:02)

Finding Timelessness

This video shows children enveloped in timelessness and lost in play. It models ways to create the type of play that is developmentally good for children.(3:30)

Parent Introduction to Primitive Reflexes

This video gives a quick overview of the Primitive Reflexes and the impact that retained reflexes can have on a child’s ability to learn in the classroom. (3:21)